We're Moving!

We're Moving!

Some of you may already know, but we are relocating to VICTORIA PARK. We're super excited to become one of the lovely businesses along the Vic Park Strip!

We're moving the distillery to 107 Albany Hwy & opening a brand new VENUE (bar & restaurant) at 101 Albany Hwy. They're nice and cozy, next door to each other. The distillery will move during winter this year, while the venue is a big venture for us, opening later in the year.

It's nothing we can't handle - as you can see from many of the photos of our distillery since 2021, there have been many changes. 

Starting at Farmers Markets which you can still find us at, moving from a 150L still, to 250L and eventually ending up with our current 500L still, distilling almost everyday, hosting cocktail classes and many tastings at the distillery over the past three years.

As you can see, we've done a lot, expanding from 7 to 21 products in less than three years and now taking on a big move as well as an even bigger expansion. 

We will also be releasing more info, specials, and deals as we start to move, so keep an eye out!

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