About Us

Who are we?

Abby and Scott standing next to each other, Christmas 2022

Swan River Distillery was created through father-daughter collaboration. 

Scott and Abby came together during 2020 with different strengths allowing us to create a range of different spirits.

Scott had experience using a handmade still, creating flavours he had been searching for while not loosing that smooth delicious taste of Gin.

Testing out Australian Native Botanicals and getting to know juniper berries intimately Scott and Abby developed recipes, created labels, picked out their bottles and got ready to begin their full-fledged distillery in 2021.

Turning their world upside as they realised what a hit their project had become - starting with local farmers markets and eventually leading to bottle shops and more. 

With a focus on sustainability Abby and Scott produce delicious products not limited to gin or vodka but also including absinthe, coffee liqueur and a delicious limoncello.

Due to Abby liking items on the sweeter side whilst Scott enjoys a classic dry gin, there will be something for everyone at our Distillery.

We still are a small, Urban distillery in Welshpool but have come so far since we started - now with a cellar door, a small team helping us out as well as a tasting room!

We are continuing to create unique, new flavours, expanding our palettes as well as yours. Try some out today!