About Us

Who are we?

Swan River Distillery is the result of a father-daughter project to create delicious products.

After having an interest in a range of different drinks such as classic whiskeys, gins and vodkas, Scott developed an interest in flavoured gin during a time many people did - COVID lockdown.

Discovering he couldn't find what he wanted to drink at the bottleshop Scott began creating his own, refreshing drinks.

From here, Scott experimented with gin, using a homemade still, trying out native botanicals and getting to know juniper berries intimately. 

Abby got involved for the artwork and marketing side of things, but it wasn't long until she began distilling too. With a focus on sustainability and Australian based botanicals Abby and Scott began producing delicious products not limited to gin or vodka but also including absinthe, coffee liqueur and a delicious limoncello.

Due to Abby liking items on the sweeter side whilst Scott enjoys a classic dry gin, there will be something for everyone at our Distillery.

We are continuing to create unique, new flavours, expanding our palettes as well as yours. Try some out today!